Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How good is the sound insulation performance of BUSYPOD products?
  • Our aim was to provide a more comfortable working environment by providing higher sound insulation compared to our competitors' performance. As a result of the tests, we have taken this value over 35 dB. To mention the effect of this usage; When using BUSYPOD products, you can switch from your own environment to a separate environment and make your private meetings, meetings, or audio/video conferences without sounding outside. In areas with high outdoor noise, when you enter, you enter an isolated and quiet environment from the outside environment.
  • Can we customize BUSYPOD products according to our own choices?
  • In all BUSYPOD products, you can specify the colour of the outer sheet from the colour chart available in the international RAL catalog as well as the options available. You can choose the wood type for door, joinery, and table, fabric colour for stool, and felt colours with the inner surface covered from the alternatives in the catalogs. In short, you choose your own BUSYPOD product, we send it according to your preference.
  • Does BUSYPOD come with furniture?
  • An order form is sent to you at the order stage. In this form, it is enough to choose the furniture you want or not and send it to us.
  • How to supply power in BUSYPOD series?
  • During the assembling of BUSYPOD products, it can be connected directly to the electrical circuit in the assembling area by means of the external power cable and it is also activated by plugging a plug into its socket. Thanks to this connection, ventilation fans, LED lights, socket outlets, USB charging inputs, and busy light in BUSYPOD are activated. Optionally the Cat6 Data Line, Wireless Charger, and fire alarm & sprinkler line can be activated.
  • How long is the power cord?
  • The length of the power cable for BUSYPOD products is 2 m. Our products also support ceiling connection options.
  • Can electrical equipment or power supply inputs be changed by preference, country or infrastructure?
  • All electrical equipment, inputs, and outputs can be arranged according to the required conditions if specified in the order case.
  • Can the BUSYPOD product line be used for the wireless signal of the environment during use?
  • Our product does not cause interruption in wireless signals as if working in a different room within the usage area.
  • What are the technical characteristics of lighting?
  • BUSYPOD products consist of one watt LED lighting groups.
  • How is ventilation provided in BUSYPOD products?
  • Ventilation fans located on the ceilings of the products carry outside ambient air in a way that does not interfere with sound insulation.
  • Do ventilation fans make a lot of noise?
  • The fans are specially designed to keep the product out of the way without affecting the working quality inside.
  • How do we activate ventilation and lighting?
  • Ventilation and lighting start to operate when the internal switch is turned on. At the same time, when this switch is on, the busy light is on, indicating that your BUSYPOD is in use. All of this system can be operated with a switch or with a sensor.
  • What is the remote controller?
  • You will receive a remote controller with BUSYPOD Medium, Large and Xlarge products. You can open and close all fans and lights separately. In the case of fewer people than capacity, you can open/close half of the fans to prevent unnecessary energy use.
  • Can all BUSYPOD products be changed to the right or left arm door direction?
  • Yes, it can be changed if specified while placing order.
  • Is BUSYPOD Products portable?
  • We designed BUSYPOD, BUSYPOD Medium, and BUSYPOD Large to relocate easily with its own casters.
  • Is it difficult to assemble BUSYPOD Products?
  • BUSYPOD Products have been designed to assemble easily and fastly. Even 2 people without technical competence can install or dismantle BUSYPOD in 15 minutes. In short, it is very easy to disassemble and assemble.
    1-Person BUSYPOD: 15 minutes, 2 installers
    1-2-Person BUSYPOD Medium: 30 minutes, 3 installers
    4-Person BUSYPOD Large: 30 minutes, 3 installers
    6-8-Person BUSYPOD XLarge: 60 minutes, 3 expert installers
  • Can the door be produced as a self-closing door?
  • The door is opened and closed manually in order not to disturb the sound insulation quality.
  • What are the dimensions of BUSYPOD products?
  • BUSYPOD - Width: 101cm Depth: 102cm Height: 226cm
    BUSYPOD Medium - Width: 160cm Depth: 130cm Height: 226cm
    BUSYPOD Large - Width: 210cm Depth: 130cm Height: 226cm
    BUSYPOD XLarge - Width: 262 cm Depth: 280cm Height: 226cm
  • Do sprinklers and fire alarms be required in BUSYPOD products?
  • In some countries or institutions, this feature has to be required by legal requirements. BUSYPOD has the infrastructure of this system which is not of other brands and you can order BUSYPOD products by including sprinklers and fire alarms.
  • Will BUSYPOD be damaged in an earthquake?
  • BUSYPOD does not move with its four pillars that hit the ground during the earthquake and there is no risk of tipping.
  • Is BUSYPOD made of environmentally friendly materials?
  • Most materials used in the manufacturing of BUSYPOD are wood and metal and its inner surface consists of acoustic felt. These materials are recyclable natural materials.
  • How good is the air quality in the products?
  • In the BUSYPOD series, indoor air quality is improved by CO2 level controls. The air quality of all products is almost the same as the air quality of the space where it is installed.
  • What is the lifetime and warranty period of BUSYPOD products?
  • BUSYPOD has a 2-years warranty under recommended conditions of use and has a service life of more than 10 years.
  • Have the BUSYPOD series tested to document sound insulation and what are these test values?
  • The aim of BUSYPOD and other products used for similar purposes is not 100 percent sound insulation, but BUSYPOD products are aimed at the best sound insulation value in the their field.
  • What materials are used in the production of BUSYPOD series products?
  • While manufacturing BUSYPOD products, we manufactured the mainframe from iron. In the production of BUSYPOD, which is close to fifty percent wood, materials such as glass and felt were used as well as materials such as barrier and rock wool forming the sound insulation layer. All of these products are environmentally friendly products that can be recycled.